Game Servers

As of September 2022, is offering gaming services to:

All of our servers are password protected. You have to ask for access on our Discord server.

  • You must be 18+, sorry kids, we are not offering kindergarten services nor we’re willing to restrict our speech.
  • Our services are being offered to EU and US citizens only.
  • Geolocation and political restrictions apply.
  • Each gamer has to apply individually, you can’t invite a friend or friends just because you have the password.
  • Hate speech, racism, bullying and other forms that can harm physically or mentally another player won’t be tolerated. Behave nicely.

Please copy the form bellow, fill it with your own information and paste it in the proper discord channel or mail it to earenagr at

Discord ID:
I have read the rules and I agree:

Fake information or violation of our rules and terms will result in permanent ban in all characters/accounts associated without warning.