Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 2020 Adrenalin Edition Release Notes

Radeon Software 2020:

  • New UI (now also available in-game)

AMD Link enhancements

  • (new ultra bitrate (50 Mbps, x265 encoding, instant GIFs)
  • Cleaner interface
  • Unified look for Radeon Software App

Radeon Boost

  • Faster, more fluid gaming by adjusting the resolution
  • Little to no perceptible change in image quality
  • More responsive
  • Support for 8 games at launch: Overwatch (up to 38% faster), PUBG (up to 22% faster), Borderlands 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider (up to 10% faster), Destiny 2, GTA5, COD WW2

Tuning Tab

  • Custom tune your graphics card and get additional performance for your game
  • Simplified view and auto-tuning presets for notice users
  • Advanced engine, memory, voltage and fan settings for enthusiasts
  • Easily track your system performance while you game

Streaming Tab

  • Stream your game or desktop directly online
  • Improved stability
  • Easy to launch, configure and use directly from your game
  • Dedicated control area for streaming
  • Mixer, Twitch, Youtube support, multiple scenes etc.

DirectML media filers

  • Visual noise reduction and upscaling filters utilizing machine learning

Image Sharpening

  • Clearer details where they matter, with less than 2% impact on performance
  • Adds DX11 games
  • Control degree of sharpness
  • Toggle on/off while in game

Radeon Anti-lag

  • Reduces input lag, delivering quicker responses
  • Adds DX9 support for pre-RX5000 GPUs
  • Global activation

Integer Display Scaling

  • Gives classic games a retro, pixel-art-style look
  • Ultra-crisp scaling option for high-PPI displays
  • No-performance-cost option

Web Browser

  • integrated browser helps gamers get important information
  • Direct access to video tutorials

System status

  • Get notified if your hardware is below minimum developer game specification
  • Quickly check your AMD Link connection status
  • It’s never been easier to keep your system up to date

Game Center

  • Launch your games from one location regardless of store
  • Adjust Radeon Software settings on each game
  • Track gaming and performance stats

User profiles

  • Gaming/eSports/Standard
  • Ideal for novice users
  • One-click presets


  • One-Click setup with improved factory reset
  • Keep my settings between installation
  • Up to 34% faster install time
Comfuzio is a gamer since very young age, ahead of his era and Hellenic society in general.He is also very funny and informative!

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