OS version: 10.0.17133.2020 (rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415)

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More video output options

Xbox One X and Xbox One S now output 1440p resolution for games, game clips, and screenshots. Sometimes referred to as 2560 x 1440 and QHD, 1440p is popular among PC gamers. With over 1.5 million more pixels than 1080p, this resolution fills the gap between full HD and 4K Ultra HD. (People connected to a 1080p or 4K UHD display won’t see the option for 1440p.)

We’ve also added an option to reduce visual latency, or input lag, called AMD FreeSync, which supplies a variable refresh rate (VRR) to TVs and monitors that support it. VRR reduces latency and minimizes stuttering by letting a display sync its refresh rate with whatever’s coming from your Xbox.

Televisions coming later this year will take advantage of a new Xbox feature called auto low-latency mode (ALLM). This tells your display that you’re playing a game. You’ll benefit from low input lag when gaming while still enjoying your new TV’s non-game processing at other times, like when you’re watching a movie.

A new level of Mixer interactivity

Mixer streamers on Xbox One can now share their controller (except for the Xbox button) with a Mixer viewer watching on Viewers can take control through the on-screen gamepad or by plugging a controller into their PC. Streamers can pause controller sharing by pressing the guide button. Viewer and streamer can work together in a game – or not. It’s your choice!

Broadcasts now pause instead of stop when you switch games or exit to the dashboard. You’ll see a pause indicator on your broadcasting overlay, and your viewers will see a paused screen until you jump back in the game. You can also now start Mixer broadcasts from anywhere on Xbox One, whether you’re on Home, a game’s splash screen, or within a game itself.

Share your captures to Twitter

Besides sharing your game clips and screenshots to Xbox Live and OneDrive, you can now upload captures straight to Twitter. This means your game highlights will play right in your Twitter feed and appear in your Twitter media. Edit your caption, add hashtags (or edit the supplied hashtags—game title and #XboxShare), and you’ll be tweeting your exploits right from your Xbox.

Tournaments open up

Tournaments are now open to everyone, even if you’re not a club member. To join or create a tournament, press the  button to open the guide, select Multiplayer > Tournaments, and then choose one of the tournament options.

Put your themes on a schedule

Now you can switch between light and dark themes based on time of day, even sunrise and sunset in your location. We’ve also introduced a new high-contrast option for light theme, which makes screen elements easier to see.

Enhancements to Narrator

Narrator volume controls are now independent from system audio volume. We’ve also added an input learning mode, so that every key you press on a connected input device says the name of the key and the function it performs.

On Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox One has been given a more modern look and feel and better controller navigation. Improvements to favorites and history make it easy to get back to your favorite sites. We’ve also added support for downloading and uploading pictures, music, and videos from Microsoft Edge on the console; your downloaded content can then be accessed with the File Explorer app.

More immersive audio

If you like to groove to your own music while playing your favorite games, we have good news for you! You now have an option to balance game audio against background music in the guide. Turn down the game volume, crank up the music volume, and rock on. The system sounds on Home and in the guide have also been completely revamped to support spatial audio, so the audio cues from your surround sound system match the actions you see on the screen.

Advanced filtering for club owners

Club admins can now filter invitation requests based on various criteria such as reputation, gamerscore, and recommendations from existing club members.

Smarter club feeds

Use the What’s hot filter to see trending content that’s popular among the people and games you follow. Filtering by Top posts will show you the most popular posts in a given period. You can also disable comments on your feed posts across clubs, game hubs, and community.

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