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Group your games and apps

We’ve introduced a powerful enhancement to pins: the ability to group your games and apps by type, by theme—however you want. Are you in progress on 12 different games? Do you play anything with cars? Keep track by making groups. Choose what you call them, decide what order the games appear in each group, and add groups to Home for quick access.

You’ll see your recent groups in the guide when you select your games and apps, and there’s a dedicated tab for groups in your games and apps. Your groups go with your profile, so you’ll see them on every Xbox One you use. We’ve started you off with a group that should look very familiar—your pins!

Go full screen on Mixer

Mixer streamers can now go full screen with their webcam while broadcasting. Audio is muted when you’re full screen, so it’s perfect for talking to your audience when switching between games or setting up before you start.

Shared controller updates

We’ve made it easier to share your controller on PC. First, we’ve enabled full mouse and keyboard support for PC gamers, so anyone with a mouse or a keyboard can become the active controller.

Second, we’ve included multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices. This lets you use multiple controls at the same time—moving the controller stick and pressing A simultaneously, for example.

And we’ve added a per-channel leaderboard that shows the top contributors to the streamers’ channel during a shared controller session.

Find games and apps with ease

Looking for your next game? Whether it’s something you want or something you own, press Y on your controller to pop a search screen just about any time you’re not in a game.

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