Time to change


Hello friends of e-arena.gr!
It has been very long time since we had any sort of changes on the website and gradually you will see them on the new e-arena.gr!

We have left behind the previous, slow, ugly and difficult to use theme and we are moving to a newer, faster and prettier one!

The new theme isn’t the only new thing but it is the first and perhaps, the only thing that viewers notice. There are many more changes in the server side in general, more strict policies for harmful bots/users.

Although we can’t claim we are 100% (and nobody else can too)secure, we are putting our efforts in keeping the server and site as much secure as we can.

You might have noticed that user registration is now open to the public, which means you can register and voice your thoughts on our topics!
But we will be giving for start at least, limited abilities for users to register, for example you have to have previously an account in xbox, playstation, steam or epic etc and with this account you can register/login to e-arena.gr.
Custom user registration won’t be allowed and accounts will be deleted when found to bypass this rule.
This is to ensure we get legit users and not automated bots.
Your accounts have to be verified on their respective services.

Another thing, users (or bots) that try to login and fail, will get 90 minutes penalty on the first wrong attempt and perma IP ban on the 2nd. So make sure you have your login info somewhere safe and secure!

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