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Welcome to another product review!

Today we are reviewing Disk Copy Pro by EaseUS

EaseUS is one of the best companies in disk cloning out there. Actually no, they are THE best disk cloning company period!.
As a profession technician in IT for many years, one of the things that was always coming back to me was disk cloning. People buy new, larger HDDs or maybe the current HDD is failing and there is the need to move the OS and data from old HDD to new HDD.
Yes, yes SSD and NVMe as well! Nowadays not so many of my customers come for a clone from HDD to HDD but they migrate to SSD for faster performances and in some cases format isn’t an option!
So that need in my daily life in IT now has been filled to the maximum with EaseUS’s Disk Copy Pro!

As you can see from the main picture of the program, the interface is very simple and clear!
Just select the disk you want to clone and click Next on the bottom right corner, then select the new HDD/SSD/NVMe and let it do it’s magic!
It also worth to note that you can even resize partitions with this tool, very handy when you have to move your current OS from small HDD to a larger one OR even vice versa!

A bonus point: You can clearly see on top right corner the “Create Bootable Disk” button. From there you can make a .ISO that can be burned into a CD/DVD or USB flash (use Rufus please and not Etcher) and you can boot from that image and perform the same operations!
Why would you do that you would ask right? It is always better to use this option when you are trying to clone your main disk to a new one. Whilst running your OS, antivirus and/or other software can lock files and corrupt the process, so better boot from the image and perform this procedure for the best results!
I can hear you again! Why would you use the image if the software is that amazing as you say? you say and you are right! In my test runs, more than 12 clones to be precise, I didn’t had any problem with cloning from within Windows OS even when cloning my own OS! But that doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong in some scenarios!

We live in an era that our data are more vulnerable than ever while SSD & HDDs prices are lower than ever! Do yourself a favour* and clone** YOUR DATA for your OWN security!

A fantastic software from every aspect! It is a must from every professional AND home user!

You can buy EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 3.0 from here.

*Did you know that 8/10 of my customers have a very bad or none at all antivirus? They come to me with their data being locked by a cryptolocker or nasty viruses and malwares! A good antivirus is a must, backup your data is also a must!
**Disk cloning has the advantage of keeping your software licenses as well as your data whilst a simple backup and restore after format means that you have to re-activate your software each and every time!

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